More Productive Officers. Improved Operational Efficiency.

Security officers are the frontline.
However, it is challenging for them to keep up with tasks and therefore ensure
the protection of people and assets.

Our mobile app ensures officer accountability – and enables better communication between officers, operations and management.


Get The Most
Out Of Your Officers.

Equip your officers with easy-to-use technology to stay on top of security tasks – ensuring that people and assets are protected at all times.

Trackforce ensures officer accountability and improves operational efficiency by enabling better communication between officers, operations and management.


Better Officers.
Better Security.

Security operations are only as good as their officers. They are the ones who protect people and assets from security threats.

As with all Trackforce applications, Patrol comes with the functionality and features that ensure officer accountability, improve operational efficiency and enable better communication between all stakeholders.

Get The Most Out Of Your Workforce

Empowering security officers to do more, from Incident & Activity report templates to Time & Attendance tracking. Your officers are guided step-by-step through their assigned tasks and are enabled to complete their shifts efficiently. By improving Efficiency & Accountability – Zamatrack boosts Security Officer productivity by over 30% – in turn, giving you the opportunity to grow your business, and not your headcount. Increase your companies Productivity, Validate KPIs, and get Real-Time Visibility into the security needs of your business and/or clients.


Incident & Activity Reports
GPS, NFC & QR Code Technologies
Lone Worker Protection
Time & Attendance Tracking
Visitor Management
Post Order Management
Geolocation & Officer Dispatch
GSOC (Global Security Operations Center)
Customizable Dashboard
Training & Certification Alerts


Total Solution License Only (Full)
R 880 R 650
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Device Insurance
Sim Card & Data
Time & Attendance
GPS Tracking
Lone-worker Protection
Asset Management
Visitor Management
Unlimited Users


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